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1973 Camaro UMI LOWERING LEAF Springs and REAR END INSTALL | chất umi | Trang thông tin thời trang mới nhất

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1973 Camaro UMI LOWERING LEAF Springs and REAR END INSTALL | Tổng hợp những tin tức thời trang cập nhật mỗi ngày.

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chất umi và các Nội dung liên quan đến nội dung.

1973 Camaro UMI GIẢM LÃO Lò xo và CÀI ĐẶT KẾT THÚC CẢM ƠN Cảm ơn UMI về Lò xo Hạ chất lượng! Tập này mình lắp đầy đủ đuôi xe (lò xo lá, phanh, thanh lắc và ống lót) trong dự án phục chế Camaro Z28 năm 1973! Tôi đã đi với một lò xo lá 2 “để hạ thấp Camaro ở phía sau và lò xo thả 2,5” phía trước để hạ thấp phía trước. UMI sản xuất mọi thứ ở Hoa Kỳ đảm bảo đồ đạc tuyệt vời. Các bộ phận được sử dụng: Lò xo lá phía sau 2 “thả UMI- SKU 2620 Koni Giảm xóc phía trước- 8040-1017 và phía sau 8014-18 Kiểm tra lò xo lá phía sau Camaro của UMI đang hoạt động-.

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1973 Camaro UMI LOWERING LEAF Springs and REAR END INSTALL và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.



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chất umi.

48 thoughts on “1973 Camaro UMI LOWERING LEAF Springs and REAR END INSTALL | chất umi | Trang thông tin thời trang mới nhất”

  1. This is exactly what we need, a channel with no hate, no clickbait, and no bs, I forgot I had subbed a while back but imma sit and binge watch everything about this build, ive got nothing better to do at 5 in the morning.

  2. Really nice build Ryan, I’m enjoying this series a lot. Your attention to detail shows in this restoration and your video production. Class A job!!!

  3. I noticed one of the brake springs is incorrectly installed. The spring is contacting the adjuster star wheel. The self adjuster will not turn, and the pedal will get low as the shoes wear. The white spring around 8:30 min.

  4. What comes to mind while watching this video, is a book called 'Zen and the art of motorcycle mechanics'. Only in this case, its 'Zen and the art of 73 Chevy Camaro mechanics'. Thanks for what your doing. It helps in these troubled times.

  5. bet you thought this day was long in coming..keep up the steady work..and when things get tough walk away and go have some fun..then come back and tackle it..makes a big difference..great job ryan..

  6. Great job! A few comments. What a nice assembly manual! You need a brake tool. They inexpensive and the brake tool might prevent injury. Look forward to the next video

  7. Watched your video at work while eating lunch in my office Ryan. By the end of the video two other guys had pulled up chairs and watched it with me. Face it Ryan, your growing into a celebrity. Excellent video and background music, it’s coming together young man, it’s coming together.

  8. Hi, question, when you lower car on ground won’t the sway bar be lower then the rear end? I had a ‘79 Z28 that I put the complete Koni suspension on back in the ‘80s and I ran into the same problem and had to find different “shorter” sway bar brackets to accommodate the change in height.

  9. I'm not faulting you for anything you do but Ive been building car's & truck's for over 50 year's the only thing I ever torque is drive line part's be it good or bad but never had a problem.

  10. Ryan, man it’s looking great! You definitely know how to pay attention to detail, you don’t miss a thing! I want to see it completed and you light them up!

  11. Man she is coming along nicely. This is a fantastic build project I'm loving the content you are making. Cannot wait to see her done and back on her wheels ready for the motor to go back in

  12. well ryan, you doing a great job on this 73 z28, ive been around race shops all my life. Bud Moores in spartanburg sc longtime family friend and i have watched the crew build race cars all my life. your doing a great job. cant wait to see her finished. i really enjoy your videos. keep posting them. good luck buddy your doing good. Larry

  13. Seems like its always the little bits that slow reassembly down. Those swaybar bushings are a good example. Always a bunch of false starts. We're ready, no we're not ready. We're ready, wait, nope.. we're not…. lol

  14. I would've DIFFENITLY used a lock washer or at least some locktite on that nut, vibration is a killer. Just common sense. Great job!!! Curious though, why didn't u go with disc brake conversions? Good decision on painting the red shocks. I would've gone with black but….

  15. The rear end looks really good Ryan. Liked the idea of painting the new Koni’s. To me, there is something about a clean and detailed diff and spring assembly when viewed from behind the car. It shows attention to detail and signals the car itself is put together right. Well done! 👍👍

  16. No music for me. Rather hear people talk. Red is the Koni color. I bought Koni’s back in ‘83 when I was visiting in Az for my 70 Z/28.
    16:55 when I replaced my front rubber stabilizer bushings in my ‘87 Grand Nat’l, in order to get it mounted with the bolts you need to use your floor jack under the bracket and jack it up and not cut the rubber shorter. Anyways the cars LQQK’n good.

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