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Honor roll student suspended over dress code | Tổng hợp những tin tức thời trang cập nhật mỗi ngày.


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Honor roll student suspended over dress code và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Honor roll student suspended over dress code
Honor roll student suspended over dress code

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Honor roll student suspended over dress code.


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  1. I have guy friends, Me and the squad (made up of all boys but me) and I have a really cute one piece with cuts in the side that show the sides of my stomach I have not gotten a single thing for that
    It's cute
    I see no problem with it
    It actually less showy then some swimsuits
    And has no ties
    My squad is to busy running around and going down waterslides to notice
    Love my friends
    Love my drama free squad ☺️😎

  2. Follow the rules or face the punishment you're not entitled to break the rules bc of your body or your grades. I'm glad that schools still make learning the primary and only activity taking place in school we don't need distractions. Just be glad the school doesn't have uniforms and dress appropriately just like you would be expected to do later on at a job. There's a lesson here for future success not just petty rules for no reason. Ppl need to be taught at a young age that you can't do whatever you want whenever you want and no one will respect someone who dresses like a cheap prostitute. Have some class decency and modesty in public respect yourself or no one else will and you don't need to show a lot of skin in personal PRIVATE areas to be attractive!!!

  3. How was she being in subordinate. The principal has lost her mind. The principal, if she is still a principal of a school, needs to be stripped of what lincence(s) needed to be a principal. The student was actually following the principal's directions.

  4. Ok I understand dress codes but dude someone needs to give that principal a reality check seriously a shirt and now her whole FUTURR is on the line good job Hickory Ridge High

  5. Principal is a petty person must be a Democrat either that or a liberal or socialist she should be stripped of her position clearly she has issues with this girl like the video says the principal had to run in with her before I would take it straight to the school board have that principal go where they put all the rest of the teachers and little room where they get paid to sit there for 8 hours a day that's what that principal needs to go or she needs to be fired

  6. I don't think this is about the dress code. The principal probably has something against the student and is using the dress code as an excuse to punish her.

  7. There’s more going on here than the news is reporting. No administration would be able to justify that kind of suspension over a mild disagreement about whether or not a student can cover her shoulders with a friend’s jacket. Everyone can think the dress code is silly, but what happened after the principal tried to enforce the dress code is what caused the suspension. So what actually happened?

  8. This is what I don’t understand,
    There was an already a dress code in place. Then SHE decides to break that dress code AND then gets all upset when she gets in trouble for it!
    If you do not agree with the dress code ,do something about it before hand like write the school, stage a walk out, protest in front of the school, if it bothers you that much.
    This game of victimisation is getting old.

  9. Dresscodes are the most ridiculous things. You either have a school uniform that makes sure EVERYONE has to wear the same thing, or you just let people wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Measuring girls's skirts, and getting them in trouble for showing a bit of their shoulders or collarbones is sexist and sends such a bad message. If your son loses it over seeing a shoulder then you raised him wrong, that's not the girls fault. I'm sick of hearing stories about guys groping girls and the girls getting suspended because they temped the guys by wearing a skirt that is a quarter of an inch too short.

  10. The principal seems to be really antagonistic for some reason, but there is a dress code to abide by, she more than knew that. Its dumb to complain about "sex offenders" graduating when she directly disobeyed the rules.

  11. I'm not saying I agree with certain parts of dress code but she did wear something that went against her school's dress code.

  12. Straight A student? And she thinks it's about shoulders? Drug dealers sex offenders present? It may not good idea to wear a revealing top? Maybe not the best choice…consider others and how not wearing a bra may be inappropriate at such an event…she cant be oblivious to the fact of the attention would be distracted from her diploma which is the subject matter that is the achievement and should be displayed correct? Also not respecting authority and resistance of their directives is not very professional based…more criminal behavior in nature…such as your collegues…not ready to graduate my dear.

  13. My school dress coded a quiet girl for wearing jeans with a hole in her knee, but they said nothing when a popular boy wore short-shorts. He still wears it to this day. It’s clear what the dress code is for, and it’s obviously not for decency.

  14. I do hate the 4.4 GPA argument. Getting good grades does not entitle you to break the rules or be defiant to authority. Kudos for your grades, but they're not a license to do whatever you want. I see it so often, "good students" can be the worst to deal with for this very reason.

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