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flattening คือ: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

Flat Diaphragm in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive lung condition marked by airway inflammation and decreased air movement. Cigarette smoking is the principal cause of COPD in developed countries. Other factors, such as occupational exposure to dust and fumes, also play a role. The signs and symptoms of COPD result from damage to your airways and lung tissue and the resultant decline in your lungs’ ability to exchange gases. A flattened diaphragm is a frequent finding on the chest x-rays of people with COPD.

Dynamic Elasticity

Your lungs are elastic organs, suspended within a hollow chamber. They are surrounded on the top and sides by ribs and muscles and on the bottom by your diaphragm, which is normally dome shaped. As you inhale, your diaphragm contracts and flattens as if pulled from below by a string. Simultaneously, your ribs lift upward and outward like the handles on a bucket. These mechanical forces create a negative pressure within your chest, which inflates your lungs and pulls air into your airways.

As you exhale, your diaphragm relaxes and rises and your ribs fall. The natural elasticity of your lungs causes them to deflate and push expired air into the atmosphere. The domed configuration of your diaphragm is essential for the efficient operation of your respiratory system.

Gas Exchange

Your lungs are designed to perform two essential functions during each respiratory cycle: an inward and an outward breath. With each inhalation, oxygen from incoming air is absorbed into your bloodstream. Oxygenated blood then flows to your heart and is ultimately delivered to your tissues. As you exhale, carbon dioxide — a byproduct of metabolism — is removed from your bloodstream and released into the atmosphere.

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According to a December 2008 review in “International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,” the efficiency of gas exchange depends on healthy lung tissue and a fully functional “ventilatory pump,” including a dome-shaped diaphragm.

Tissue Injury

The inflammation that characterizes COPD gradually destroys the tiny air sacs of your lungs where gas exchange occurs and the elastic tissue surrounding them. The elasticity of your lungs is vital to forcing air out when you exhale, acting much like a inflated balloon when you let it go. The loss of lung elasticity that occurs with COPD eventually causes persistent overinflation of your lungs, a condition doctors called hyperinflation. Overinflated lungs from COPD push downward on your diaphragm and flatten it, which can be seen on a chest x-ray.


The consequences of a flattened diaphragm are not trivial. Aside from being an indicator of significant lung damage, a flattened diaphragm is inefficient. Therefore, it takes more effort to draw air into your injured lungs. When your diaphragm is already partially flattened, the amount of additional flattening it can achieve is limited. The upshot of this change is decreased airflow and impaired gas exchange. This increases your risk for respiratory failure, which is a frequent cause of death in people with COPD.


Although COPD is generally irreversible, studies show that people with flattened diaphragms and other signs of advanced lung damage can benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation. A study published in the June 2012 issue of the “Journal of Thoracic Disease” demonstrated that COPD patients who participated in a program of arm, leg and respiratory muscle exercises showed improved lung function, increased endurance, reduced lung overinflation and better quality of life. If you have COPD, ask your doctor if pulmonary rehabilitation is appropriate for you.

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Vlad and Niki - new funny stories about Toys

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NX CAD Flattening and Forming
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NX CAD Flattening and Forming

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FlatteningLayer ConvolutionNeuralNetwork CNN

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Why do we use Flattening Layer in CNN | What is Flattening Layer in CNN?

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