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[NEW] Havaianas history and curiosities | รองเท้า havaianas – Nangdep.vn

รองเท้า havaianas: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

  • 1962

    1962: It all begins
    The name Havaianas is Portuguese for Hawaiians. The first pair of Havaianas was born in 1962, based on the traditional Japanese sandal known as the Zori, whose soles are made of rice straw. The texture of Havaianas’ rubber soles are like rice grains, one of the many details that make Havaianas unmistakable.

    History year 1962

  • 1964

    Havaianas hits the road: By 1964 practically every worker in Brazil wore a pair. Traveling salesmen in their vintage vans would take Havaianas throughout the countryside cities in Brazil and sell Havaianas directly from their vans. The vans were always greeted with excitement and Havaianas were distributed in simple plastic bags.

    History year 1964

  • 1966

    Yes, Havaianas invented the flip-flops.

    Here is our proof. In 1966, Alpargatas registers the patent for the rubber flip-flops, the brand´s greatest invention: a sole with a strap decorated with two parallel threads, each formed by small friezes of interwoven dashes.

    History year 1966

  • 1969

    At first, Havaianas only came in blue and white. But in 1969, due to a manufacturing error, a green version of Havaianas was produced and sold. Bad luck? Not at all! The new model was a hit, opening possibilities of new colours such as brown,yellow and black.

    History year 1969

  • 1970

    History year 1970

  • 1973

    Only authentic Havaianas.

    Would you believe that even in the 70’s people were already trying to copy Havaianas? To reinforce the premium benefits of Havaianas flip flops, Havaianas launched the slogan “Protect yourself from phony Havaianas with the real ones”. They don’t lose their shape, don’t smell and the straps don’t come loose.”

    History year 1973

  • 1980

    Havaianas are basic just like everyday Brazilian rice & beans.

    In the 1980s, the Ministry of Finance included the sandals in the list of products that are fundamental to Brazilian life.

    History year 1980

  • 1994

    With everyone already wearing them, Havaianas showed the sandals on celebrities´ feet on TV. And so the famous commercials of the brand were born. It was when the Havaianas Top also became successful: the sandals of a single colour, which became the second Havaianas classic collection. They were invented by people who flipped the white and blue originals to have a sandal of a single colour.

    History year 1994

  • 1995

    The first print:
    Continuing its momentum in the 90’s, Havaianas launches new styles with highly-coveted printed patterns. Havaianas Floral was launched with hibiscus flowers – the first of many printed Havaianas. Collections such as Fit and Baby were created after this as well.

    History year 1995

  • 1996

    An explosion of colours:
    The 90’s were a turning point for the brand. The trend of turning the Havaianas white side downwards, leaving the coloured part up, created sandals that seemed to have just one colour. This was the inspiration for the launch of the Havaianas “Top” style. Initially there were only 8 different shades; now the Havaianas “Top” style is available in over 15 different colours.

    History year 1996

  • 1998

    For the 98 World Cup, Havaianas launched “Havaiaianas Copa”, with a small Brazil flag on the strap. The style became desired worldwide. The Brazilian football team lost the championship, but it was a game-changer for Havaianas. The global success of the small flags meant the collection was renamed “Havaianas Brasil” – today, one of the bestsellers worldwide.

    History year 1998

  • 1999

    Havaianas crosses boundaries

    Havaianas spreads rapidly throughout the world and they officially start distributing in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, USA, Dominican Republic and Japan. Nowadays, Havaianas can be found in more than 60 countries.

    History year 1999

  • 2000

    Light in the 2000’s
    Between the threat of the Millennium bug and anxiety for the year 2000, Havaianas created a special model to mark the occasion. It was the first sandal that glowed in the dark.

    History year 2000

  • 2001

    The birth of Havaianas Special Collection further marked Havaianas´ place in the world of high-end fashion. The Special Collection Havaianas feature exclusive details such as crystals and metal meshes which are hand-sewn by artisans in Northeast Brazil. They are truly a unique and sophisticated collection, expertly crafted by Brazilian hands.

    History year 2001

  • 2003

    And the Oscar goes to…
    Havaianas, which begins gifting the world’s most prestigious award show in the world by offering a pair to the nominees as a gift. There’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of Havaianas after hours in high heels and tight shoes.

    History year 2003

  • 2004

    Havaianas starts a partnership with the Brazilian ecologic research institute called IPÊ, whose overall mission is to help Brazil’s natural environment and protect endangered species, such as the Black-Faced Lion Tamarin, the Maned Wolf and the Blue Macaw. Through the creation of custom flip flops, Havaianas donates 7% of the sales directly to IPÊ.

    History year 2004

  • 2006

    Arriving on the scene for the first time is the Havaianas “Slim” style. With a thinner and more delicate strap, women everywhere immediately fall in love with this timeless style.

    History year 2006

  • 2007

    Havaianas officially launches in the US and permanently opens an office in Soho, NY.

    History year 2007

  • 2008

    Havaianas opens its EMEA headquarters in Spain. Today, there are offices in Portugal, France, England, Italy, Germany and Greece.

    History year 2008

  • 2009

    Havaianas partners with Conservation International to help support conservation projects in the Abrolhos archipelago. To bring the partnership to life, Havaianas creates special flip flops with 7% of the sales devoted to the organization.

    History year 2009

  • 2010

    While Brazilians can wear Havaianas all year round, some others from different countries are not as fortunate. With that in mind, Europe launched the Havaianas Soul Collection – a range of casual sneakers and espadrilles with “Havaianas’ soul”, the rubber flip flops, translated into the sole of the shoes.

    History year 2010

  • 2012

    In 2012, Havaianas celebrates its 50th anniversary! We produced a limited edition,commemorative model with 100%of sales going to UNICEF.

    History year 2012

  • 2015

    Alpargatas once again brings an innovation to consumers. It launches the Flat product line, which features a modern, delicate and extremely feminine design, ideal for enjoying moments of leisure with comfort.

    History year 2015

  • 2015

    Inspired by joy and the Brazilian spirit, Havaianas launches its first clothing collection: A summer product line, featuring casual, loose-fitting designs and vibrant colours.

    History year 2015

  • 2017

    Consumers start enjoying summertime to the fullest when Havaianas finally launches its sunglasses collection.

    History year 2017

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‘Havaianas’ จากรองเท้าชนชั้นแรงงาน สู่แบรนด์แฟชันระดับโลก | MM insight

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