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Answer: For optimal results with the Airfryer, you should use oven-ready products. Oven-ready snacks become golden brown and crispy when prepared in the Airfryer. If you prepare snacks in the Airfryer that are meant to be prepared in a deep-fat fryer, the snacks usually stay pale and are often less crispy.

If you did use oven-ready snacks and they do not become crispy and stay pale, please check the following:

The amount of ingredients:

Put smaller batches of ingredients in the basket. Cover the bottom of the basket with just one layer. Smaller batches are fried more evenly.

The set temperature:

Most snacks need to be prepared at 200ºC, except for pastry-based snacks. You have to airfry pastry-based snacks at 180ºC.

The preparation time:

If you have not preheated the Airfryer before you put in the snacks, make sure you add 3 minutes extra to the preparation time when you start frying.


Note: Most snacks need the preparation time indicated for the oven to become fully cooked. Preparation times for the deep-fat fryer are shorter and will not lead to a well-cooked result. Most snacks need between 6 and 10 minutes to cook.

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Tip: If your croquettes or snacks burst when you prepare them in the Airfryer, choose a shorter preparation time.

If the snacks still do not turn out crispy and brown, we advise you to contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country.

Best Philips Airfryer – Which Air Fryer is Best for You?

Do you want to buy a Philips Airfryer? Which one is best for you? I go through all Philips Airfryer models that you can buy in 2021.
Philips Premium Airfryer XXL HD9860/90
Philips Premium / Avance Airfryer XXL HD9650/90 https://amzn.to/3nkGmPv
Philips Airfryer Essential XL HD9270/90 https://amzn.to/3gCavZt
Philips Airfryer Essential L HD9252/90
Philips Airfryer Essential L HD9200/90
00:00 Intro
02:15 Difference between Premium and Essential
03:43 Philips Airfryer Essential L
06:00 Philips Airfryer Essential L HD9200/90
08:30 Philips Airfryer Essential L HD9252/90
11:20 Philips Airfryer Essential XL HD9270/90
15:30 Philips Airfryer XXL
20:00 Philips Airfryer XXL accessories
22:30 Using a Philips Airfryer XXL
25:43 Conclusion
In this video I’ll explain to you the difference between the Philips Airfryer XXL, Philips Airfryer XL and Philips Airfryer L models.
philips airfryer best

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Best Philips Airfryer - Which Air Fryer is Best for You?

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Ayam Goreng Air fryer

Hi Healthy Foodies!
di video ini saya mau review Philips Air Fryer yang baru! tipe HD9252
yang sudah dengan display digital serta fitur baru memasak dengan suhu rendah, jadi dijamin Juicy dan kalian bisa masak menu2 lainnya, seperti ngeringin Lemon, Molten Cake dan juga salmon Kama Mentai!
Philips Air Fryer juga bisa memanggang, membakar dan menggoreng tanpa minyak lho, jadi gak perlu khawatir makan gorengan tiap hari.
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Ayam Goreng Air fryer

(329) Air Frying a Steak

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airfryer steak cooking

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(329) Air Frying a Steak


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