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iMobie PhoneRescue

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4.3 out of 5

Windows/macOS, $59.99

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What is iMobie PhoneRescue?

PhoneRescue is created by iMobie Inc. to aid cell phone clients to recover erased or lost data. The program completes a few things past that. As per iMobie, it can examine an iOS device or an Android device, retrieves erased photographs, messages, contacts, and so forth. Examine the iTunes and backups and then recover your lost data. Also, fix iOS issues brought about by a system crash or update error.

PhoneRescue is an iPhone data recovery for PC/Mac, not an app that you can download from the app store and installed on iOS and Android devices. You have to attach your iOS or Android device to a PC that installs and runs the program. The first version was released on June 17, 2014, and the most recent version (when I refreshed this audit) is 4.1.0. PhoneRescue supports seven languages.

Is PhoneRescue Safe?

I have tried the Windows version on my Windows 10 and the Mac version on my MacBook Pro. PhoneRescue is 100% free of malware or virus glitches and comprises no packaged third-party tools. Additionally, it stated that iMobie is an Apple Certified Developer, there’s no explanation behind its software to contain any noxious threats.

PhoneRescue is also protected to use. The scanning procedure performs a read-only process and hence won’t influence your current data. When you endeavor to recoup documents, it’ll ask your authorization before getting to information from iCloud, for instance.

Is PhoneRescue Free?

iMobile PhoneRescue has two version, trial and full. The trial version is free to use and enables you to scan and preview the data it finds from the device or backup. But in the trial version, you can’t save or export files. When you try to export files, it shows you a message (Screenshot below).  If you want to essentially recover and save your data, you will need to purchase a full version; after that you can use the full functionality of the software.

phonerescue not active

Does PhoneRescue Work? What does PhoneRescue Have for You?

While I tried PhoneRescue, I have utilized the necessary screenshots that I took from the Mac version. The UI of Windows and Mac version is nearly the same; however, I’ll draw attention to the feature that if it is in the Windows version and not the same as the Mac version.

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Buy Now

The download and installation procedure is simple and clear. Starting the application gives you a feeling of style; it begins with a speedy animation of the PhoneRescue symbol surrounding itself, trailed by another window called “Quick Tips” with a pop up of a language selection. This window shows a list of languages and a couple of things that clients should remember to expand the chances of iPhone data recovery. When you’ve perused it over, click “I’m Ready to Start.”

phonerescue language
phonerescue start tips

Then, you’ll see a screen like the one beneath. This is the center of PhoneRescue, and shows four fundamental recovery methods: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud, and iOS Repair Tools. Every mode manages a particular kind of data misfortune problem. I’ve divided this PhoneRescue review into four subsections to explain every recovery or fixing mode. I additionally included a different segment exploring the export feature.

phonerescue main screen

1. Recover from iOS Device

This method is best for recovering things you’ve quite recently erased from your iPhone, including notes, pictures, recordings, messages, and so forth. In all probability, this is because you didn’t have any backup and can’t recover the content from iTunes or iCloud. Here’s how my test went: After connecting my iPhone, I saw that on the base of the screen, the content “Please Connect your Device” quickly goes to “Your ‘iPhone’ is associated!”. Likewise, the shade of the arrow button in the right corner converts light blue to dark blue, which means it is now active. Select the recovery mode and click the arrow button to proceed.

phonerescue recover data from ios device

Now it will show you all data types, and by default, all categories will be selected. If you want to change the selection and recover some certain types, then uncheck the “Select All” option and choose your desired data types.

phonerescue recover data from ios device choose the data type

After selecting the data type, it will start analyzing the device, don’t unplug your device during the analysis.

phonerescue recover data from ios device analyzing device

When the scanning procedure finishes, you can see the filtering result in PhoneRescue. Both lost and existing information on your device is shown in classes. To sift through the existed information on your iOS device, you can pick the alternative “Only List Deleted” rather than “List All Items.” Furthermore, you can search for information by typing keywords in the search box on the upper center of the window.

phonerescue recover data from ios device filtered results

Now you can save your recovered data on your device or PC.

Our Opinion:

The entire procedure is extremely quick and just took a couple of minutes to analyze my 64GB iPhone to extract all the recoverable information. While it’s decent that PhoneRescue found such a large number of records from my iPhone, they found a cluster I’d just erased like photos, voice mails, and a voice memo.

It also listed the things that were still kept my iPhone such as contacts, messages, call history, and so on, that I never erased. Along these lines, PhoneRescue surprised me by exceeding my expectations. But this may make it somewhat hectic for finding explicit records you need to recover.

2. Recover from iTunes Backup

The second recovery mode is ideal to utilize when your iDevice doesn’t work anymore, and you have in any event that only one iTunes backup is stored on your PC. Select this mode, click the arrow button on the base right corner to begin. Here’s I am sharing my experience with this recovery mode.

phonerescue recover from itunes backup

After scanning, it found a list of backups from my computer related to my current iOS device and an older one connected with my computer.

phonerescue recover from itunes backup select iphone backup

When I select a backup, it shows a popup named Data Comparison with two options “Only Scan Backup” and “Compare.” Only scan backup option scans your backup, show you the data, and compare option tally the current data with backup data and only shows the data that didn’t exist on your device.

phonerescue recover from itunes backup data comparison

After this process, it asked me to select the data type and start analyzing. Show the list of recovered files.

phonerescue recover from itunes backup view results

Our Opinion:

In this recovery mode, you can recover data through backup with or without connecting the device. It is perfect if your device is not working and you want your important data. This recovery mode works as an iTunes backup extractor. Automatically PhoneRescue discovers the iTunes backup record and recovers data from it. If you use iTunes, you should realize you can utilize the product to backup and restore any iOS gadget.

Still, I feel this recovery mode from PhoneRescue is better than the Apple technique for a few reasons. In the first place, you can’t see the content if you restore your backup with Apple iTunes, but PhoneRescue enables you to review the file types and afterward specifically selected files to recover. Second, the Apple iTunes restore technique deletes all your present data, while PhoneRescue doesn’t.

3. Recover from iCloud

If you have enabled your iDevice with iCloud or have a backup on iCloud, this recovery mode is best to recover your data.

phonerescue recover from icloud

After selecting this mode, it asked me to enter the iCloud id and password. Don’t worry, iMobile claims that they will never retain your Apple account content.

phonerescue recover from icloud sign in icloud

After signing in to iCloud, it shows all the backups that I backup up with iCloud. Choose the required backup.

phonerescue recover from icloud select icloud backup

Like previously mentioned modes, it also gives the options of selecting data type and data comparison. After these processes, it shows me the files that I want to recover.

phonerescue recover from icloud recovered list

4. iOS Repair Tools

The fourth module of PhoneRescue is iOS Repair Tools that is best to utilize when your device is stuck on a white screen, black screen, Apple logo, or continues restarting. My iPhone is working well, so when I connect my device it shows that your device is working well and no need to repair it. So, the review of this mode is written according to the iMobile user guide.

phonerescue ios repair tools

After selecting iOS Repair Tools, it shows you two options “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” In Standard Mode, you can fix issues like stuck on Apple logo, recovery mode loop, black screen, etc. but all your data will be erased after repairing the device and your device restored to normal status. In Advanced mode, you can fix the issues like Apple logo, system errors, and black screen without losing data.

phonerescue ios repair tools repair modes

To enter recovery mode, please follow the steps in the below screenshot.

phonerescue ios repair tools enter recovery mode

After entering into recovery mode, check your device info and click on the “Download” button to download the required firmware package for the device.

phonerescue ios repair tools download ios

It takes some time to download the firmware package, and then it will repair your iOS device.

phonerescue ios repair tools repair ios

5. The Recovery/Export Feature

Toward the day’s end, it’s tied in with getting erased or lost files back to your device or PC. The scanning procedure fills in a preliminary step so you can assess whether your lost information can be found and recovered.

Sadly, the PhoneRescue trial version doesn’t enable you to recover found files from the device or backup. You’ll need to purchase a license key to activate the product; else, the export or download buttons are turned gray out. I bought a single license, which costs almost $50+tax (according to my residence location).

phonerescue purchased software

To activate the software, just copy the serial code and paste it into the pop-up window on the main page.

There was no problem to save the files on the computer, also saved many files, the procedure is quite simple. Likewise, I found the quality of recouped files is high. For example, the pictures are all as similar size (quite a lot of MBs) as they were.

But I’m most interested in the “Export” function. iMobie claims that PhoneRescue directly saves the files back on my iPhone. I attempted, and here’s the manner by which it worked for me.

In the first place, I turn off the “Find My iPhone” application. Else, you’ll see the notice message beneath. To turn off the app, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone, click it, and tap to slide the button to grey. Remember to turn “Find My iPhone” on again after you recover your lost data.

phonerescue turn off find my iphone app

After this, I found that I could export only a few files types to my device like Messages, Voicemail, Call History, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Safari History. I am surprised that photos and videos are not on this list.

phonerescue data type list for export

For testing, I have selected the text message. After selecting, it said that “Your device will reboot, upgrade config and require you to unlock. This is compulsory and completely safe for the recovery. Please wait patiently and don’t unplug your device.”  

phonerescue select a data type

When I clicked the “Recover” button, the screen shows me a message “Preparing the device data please wait.”

phonerescue preparing data

After some minutes, the process was completed, and it shows “Data Recovery Completed,” but below it also said, “PhoneRescue has successfully recovered 0 items in total.

I am a bit surprised and think that it is a bug. But when I contact the technical team of PhoneRescue, they explain that your selected items already in the device. If it recovers, then there will be duplicates, and PhoneRescue skips the duplicates automatically on an iOS device.

phonerescue data recovery completed

Our Opinion:

It’s extraordinary that PhoneRescue offers an export function that enables you to directly exchange lost data back to our iOS device. But then again, I feel the procedure is somewhat confused and time-consuming. I needed to turn off the “Find My iPhone” application and reboot my device to make it work. In addition, I can’t export pictures and videos. As I would see it, it’s ideal to first download files to your PC. At that point, look at the data closely before you manually export them back. It is a safe and easier way.

The Reasons Behind My Ratings

Effectiveness: 4/5

Like I stated, PhoneRescue works. It can recover numerous kinds of erased or lost data from an iOS device. On account of the four complete recovery modes, PhoneRescue is equipped for managing a wide range of information loss situations. Nonetheless, it will, in general, find numerous records that are not erased or lost, which makes it harder to find the things you really need to recover.

Usability: 5/5

There is no doubt about the easy use of PhoneRescue. Well-designed UI structure and supportive content guidelines make it extraordinarily simple to deal with. Likewise, the four straightforward recovery modes improve complex information loss situations. Very much done, iMobie group!

Cost: 3.5/5

In my opinion, its price is a little bit high. A $50 for Single License that permits to use in one PC or Mac, and an $80 Family License that works for only five PCs and Macs. In light of my considerations of the idea of information recovery, it’s uncommon to need such recuperation tool at all the time. We possibly need it when some tragic event happened with our device, and after recovering the information (ideally) we ought to become familiar with our exercise and be additionally cautious in the future.

According to this analysis, the data recovery tool is like a one-time shot when you have a severe issue with your device, and in the future, it has no use if you haven’t any issue. Additionally, this recovery tool doesn’t need to be installed on each PC or Mac.

Support: 4/5

The iMobile client support group can be contacted through standard email. They guarantee all day, everyday support with reaction time within 24 hours (usually significantly less). I emailed them a few times, and they were very responsive. The thing I figure they could enhance is client engagement. I feel a drawing in the discussion would make clients feel increasingly esteemed.

Where to Download PhoneRescue?

The official website of iMobile is the best place to download the latest version of PhoneRescue. Don’t download the software from third-party download websites because of security concerns. Yet it’s not available on Mac App Store.

Where to Buy PhoneRescue License Key?

The PhoneRescue full version is not free. Some websites claim that you can get a free license code from their websites, don’t go there; it’s either illegal or a scam. Please stay away from these websites because they have heavy flash ads and malicious scripts.

For purchasing Phonrescue, go to their official website. It has three license types: Single License costs $49.99+VAT, used for only one computer, the Family License which price is $69.99, used for maximum 5 computers and Business License which price is $199, used for 10 computers.

phonerescue price plan

iMobie PhoneRescue Alternatives (Free + Paid)

While PhoneRescue is a decent software that could enable you to rescue your lost iPhone information, it’s in no way that only one out there. There are some other third-party software out there.

1. iMyFone D-BacK

iMyfone D-Back is the best alternative iPhone data recovery tool accessible on the web. It is a useful asset and can recover Lost or Deleted Data on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch through four recovery mode. The first mode is “Smart Recovery,” in which you should choose “how did you the lost data” like incidentally erased, factory reset, jailbreak, or iOS upgrade. It will scan and recover your data. In the next mode, “Recover data from iOS device”, in which you select the data types (Massages, Call History, Contacts, WhatsApp, and so forth.) that you need to recover. The third mode, “Recover data from iTunes backup,” you can select the iTunes backup wherein you need to recover data. The last mode “Recover data from iCloud backup,” in which you interface your iCloud account and download your iCloud backup. Learn more from our iMyFone D-Back review here.

Free Download

Free Download

An extra mode named “Fix Various iOS Issues” is additionally incorporated into this recovery tool that aids you to fix the different iOS issues. This mode recommends three strategies to fix different iOS issues.

iMyfone D-Back offers three different purchasing plans, in 1-month plan ($39.95) use one iDevice for a month, 1-year plan ($49.95) allow you to 1 iDevices for 1 year and Lifetime plan ($69.95) permit you to use 5 iDevices for a lifetime. It provides 30 days money-back guarantee and allows the user to try their trial version in which some features are not permissible.

Advantages and Features

iMyfone D-Back has some advantages over other paid iPhone data recovery software’s

  • It’s very simple to use
  • Retrieve 20 plus data types
  • Recover data through iDevice, iTunes backup, iCloud backup
  • Preview option is available
  • Fix various iOS issues
  • Supports latest iOS devices
  • Available for Mac/Windows OS

2. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery software eases in retrieving lost and erased data from your iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and iCloud. The product has improved UI which assist you to recover iPhone files. Moreover, you can likewise restore data from scrambled iTunes backup records utilizing this iPhone data recovery tool. This software can recover your WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Tango, and Kik messages beside with attachments, Notes, other App documents, Contacts, Call history, Photos, and Videos.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems using versions of Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 & Mac OS X 10.8 and above. It has three editions standard, standard plus, and technician.

3. dr.fone – Recover

dr.fone – Recover (iOS) can recover files directly from an iOS device but is also having the ability to scan iCloud or iTunes backups. It can obtain photos, messages, calendar, and reminder items, call history, bookmarks, voicemails, notes, WhatsApp attachments, and more. We discovered it took around five to ten minutes notwithstanding when searching for a little subset of records, so don’t suppose quick results. It’s likewise not ensured to work, similar to the case (tragically) all through this market. The full version costs $59.95, expecting you need the Recover bit only. Read our dr.fone toolkit review here.


iMobie PhoneRescue is protected, and it works to recover numerous sorts of erased files from an iOS device, for example, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The tool is natural and simple to utilize. Though, because of the complex nature of information recuperation, it’s not 100% ensured that you’ll have the option to recover the majority of your lost documents utilizing this product.

It’s great to see that PhoneRescue gives four distinctive recoveries and fix modes to maximizing the probability of recovery. I think PhoneRescue is an extraordinary bit of software, and I like it. Envision the fear and panic the minute you incidentally erase some valuable data of an iPhone. PhoneRescue, at any rate, gives you some plan to recover that data.

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