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oriental mandarin bangkok: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

Consistently garnering global recognition as one of the best hotels in the world by international publications, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok is a legend in its own right.

Built in 1876, The Oriental, as it was then known, was the first luxury hotel in the Kingdom of Siam. Beginning with Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Joseph Conrad during the late-nineteenth-century, the legendary hotel has welcomed numerous heads of state, captains of industry and a host of world renowned writers and celebrities. Today, it is known as Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

Following on from the successful renovation of the historic Authors’ and Garden Wings, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok has recently completed their largest ever renovation.  Inspired by the hotel’s iconic history, riverside location, and spirit of Thailand, the hotel has completed a comprehensive renovation of the historic Authors’ and Garden Wings. Designed to significantly enhance the facilities and services of this award winning hotel, the renovation has restored the historic heart of the property to its original splendour. Here the delicate balance of staying true to its heritage and preserving the mystique of a bygone era while remaining sensitive to customers’ evolving needs, has been the key to the hotel’s success for many decades.

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok boasts an international reputation for splendid service, style and grace and facilities including 11 restaurants and bars. The hotel’s private teakwood shuttle boats provide daily access to the world famous The Oriental Thai Cooking School, the hotel’s two Thai restaurants, the award-winning Oriental Spa and Fitness & Wellness Centre located across the River; as well as the nearest BTS Skytrain station (Saphan Taksin) and ICONSIAM.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Thailand

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The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok is a luxurious jewel rising over the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It’s located close to the shopping centers of Silom, and the skytrain is only a few minutes away by one of the shuttle boats.
This hotel is a piece of old luxury mixed with modern renovations that make it a comfortable stay. Also, it brings to mind the old luxury that made it a hit with many of the rich and famous over its long history.
The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok was opened in 1876 as Bangkok’s first luxury hotel. It was originally just called the Oriental and was built on crown land to replace a seafarer’s hostel. Moreover, the resort has seen many prominent guests, from royalty and heads of state to artists and authors. Wealthy industrialists and other famed travelers from around the world have also made their stay.
Many famous authors wrote of their time here so that you may have read something inspired by a stay here. The style of the hotel features nods to traditional Thai textiles and style with floortoceiling windows to allow you to appreciate the beautiful setting.
The facilities are numerous and include highlights such as the Oriental Spa that offers amazing views of the river. Numerous dining options offer cuisines from around the world. Over its long history, this luxury hotel has become renowned for its superb service and amazing facilities. This has made it one of the best hotels in Bangkok.
Those looking for this legendary hotel’s history will still find it even though it has been given a facelift in recent years. You can still enjoy the view that inspired countless authors over the years, even though Bangkok has changed much in the nearly 140 years since opening.
The hotel is set on each side of the Chao Phraya River, with each side accessed via one of the hotel’s shuttle boats. It’s located close to the business and shopping districts of Silom and has easy access to the sky train station.
Besides, the Bangkok International Airport is only a short drive away. Easily visit shopping to pick up antiques, local arts, and silver work. It’s also only a short boat ride away from the Royal Grand Palace.
The rooms and suites are truly luxurious. The Garden wing rooms have an Edwardian style that harkens back to the origins of the hotel. Rooms in the more recent River wing have a more modern look.
The bathrooms have a walkin shower and a separate tub. Some rooms are splitlevel, with the beds on the upper floor and sitting rooms on the lower. There are also suites, one of which even has a private spa and gym.
No matter which rooms you end up in, expect similar amenities that cover nearly anything you can expect from a luxury resort.
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Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Thailand

คอนโด Super Functional พื้นที่แค่ 37 ตร.ม. แต่แต่งให้ดูเหมือน 100 ตร.ม.

นัทไปดูคอนโดเพื่อนมาแล้วชอบมากๆ!!! คือพื้นแค่ 37 ตารางเมตร แต่สามารถใช้สอยได้ทุกตารางนิ้วจริงๆ หวังว่าคลิปนี้จะ Inspire เพื่อนๆในการแต่งห้องได้นะครับ สำหรับอาหารที่กินในคลิปมาจากร้าน Yume Omakase นะครับ อร่อยมากๆเลย ❤
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คอนโด Super Functional พื้นที่แค่ 37 ตร.ม. แต่แต่งให้ดูเหมือน 100 ตร.ม.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum (Turkey): luxury to the extreme (impressions \u0026 review)

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Mandarin Oriental Bodrum (Turkey): luxury to the extreme (impressions \u0026 review)

Mandarin Oriental โรงแรมแห่งแรกในไทย ที่พักคืนละ 50,000 บาท

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โรงแรมแมนดาริน โอเรียนเต็ล กรุงเทพ เป็นโรงแรมระดับห้าดาวริมแม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา เดินเคยมีชื่อว่า The Oriental ซึ่งเป็นโรงแรมแห่งแรกในไทย ถูกสร้างเมื่อ พ.ศ. 2422
วันนี้นัทได้มาพักโรงแรม Mandarin Oriental ห้องพัก Chao Phraya Suite คืนละ 50,000 บาท จุดเด่นของห้องพักคือการมีบันไดภายในห้องทำให้รู้สึกเหมือนอยู่ในบ้านของตัวเอง ห้องพักโล่ง โปร่ง ตกแต่งโทนขาวสวยมากๆเลยครับ
หลังจากที่เข้าพักคือประทับใจมากๆๆๆ ไม่สงสัยเลยว่าทำไมถึงได้ห้าดาว บริการต่างๆในโรงแรมไม่มีที่ติเลย พนักงานดูแลเราดีมากๆ ที่พักสวยสบาย อาหารอร่อย ที่สำคัญนัทชอบเรื่องการ Personalization ของโรงแรมมาก ประสบการณ์รอบนี้จะไม่มีวันลืมเลย
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Mandarin Oriental โรงแรมแห่งแรกในไทย ที่พักคืนละ 50,000 บาท

Bangkok 5 Star Luxury Hotels – MANDARIN ORIENTAL Full Suite Tour + 10 Fruits for Breakfast!

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It has an honor to receive an upgrade to our room at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. The hotel is a classic in Bangkok, one of the oldest, and with a significant history of catering to travelers along the banks of the river. They upgraded us to a suite room in the newer wing of the hotel, and it was a stunning luxurious hotel room with a nice view of the river.
Breakfast is also pretty good, served along the Chao Phraya river. You have a choice of plenty of both Western, Thai, and even some Chinese foods for breakfast, plus a nice selection of Thai tropical fruits.
I had an amazing stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and hope you enjoyed this tour!
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Bangkok 5 Star Luxury Hotels - MANDARIN ORIENTAL Full Suite Tour + 10 Fruits for Breakfast!

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